Pomodoro for Mac

Looking for a Mac pomodoro app? You have come to the right place.

Pomodoro app for Mac

We have both a stand alone mac pomodoro timer for desktop (there is also a Windows version) but even better than that we have an online pomodoro app that works on all machines and devices (some better than others but we are ironing out those issues).

Have more time with pomodoro on Mac

We know how life changing the pomodoro technique is and want as many people as possible to expereience that through focus booster, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t need to change the rest of your life in order to use the focus booster pomodoro timer and pomodoro app. That is why we have made it available on Mac, Windows and online, where everybody and anybody can have the pleasure of finding their inner productivity zen.

Focus booster pomodoro timer for Mac features

The pomodoro timer for Mac is a desktop app which you can download. It is a pomodoro timer but there is a lot more to it than that, if you register for a focus booster HQ trial or subscription you can also record all the pomodoro sessions you do using the pomodoro timer, back to the online app (focus booster HQ). This will give you great visibility of all the sessions you did in a day, week, month and so on. Focus booster HQ has some great little dashboard reports to allow you to see how your Mac pomodoro timer is helping you to get things done. The pomodoro app, focus booster HQ, has session reporting with CSV export, making invoicing and reporting to clients or superiors easier than ever. Actually, it means you will never have to do a timesheet again because it is all automatic, that is why it is worth registering for focus booster HQ, the ultimate Mac pomodoro app.

You can check out all of the focus booster pomodoro timer for mac and focus booster HQ features if you want to see more or take a look at our pricing for focus booster HQ subscriptions.