The Pomodoro Technique

Constantly shuffling your to-dos to the next day? The pomodoro technique will help you beat procrastination.

What is the pomodoro technique?

The pomodoro technique is a proven and popular time management life hack. The main premise behind the technique is to work in blocks of time, typically 25 minutes long (called pomodoro sessions), followed by a 5 minute break. Each pomodoro session should demand your full attention on one task, every break requires you to step away from your work to rest. The result is greatly improved productivity during focused work sessions, that can be maintained through effectively managing distractions and taking regular breaks.

How the pomodoro technique works...

So, now you know you can benefit from the technique, here is the run down;

  1. Remove all distractions (email, phone, unnecessary browser tabs, manage colleague interruptions).
  2. Choose a focus task.
  3. Set the timer to 25 minutes.
  4. Work on the task until the timer rings.
  5. Take a 5 minute break.
  6. Every 4 sessions take a longer, 15 to 20 minute, break.

Sessions are typically 25 minutes, short breaks 5 minutes and long breaks 20 minutes but you can choose timeframes that suit your style of working

Watch a short video about the pomodoro technique, if you want the quick 101.

What are the benefits of using the pomodoro technique?

There are many improvements you can experience from successfully implementing the pomodoro technique into your life, making it one of your good habits. Here are some of the improvements you will see;

  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved quality and quantity of work.
  • Better time management.
  • Strengthened focus and motivation.
  • The ability to stay fresh throughout the work day.

If you still aren't sold perhaps you should checkout our blog about the hidden benefits of the pomodoro technique.

Do you need the pomodoro technique?

If any of the following phrases relate to your day, there is little doubt that you would benefit from the pomodoro technique;

Not enough time in the day

The pomodoro technique will help you find more time but will also ensure you finish on time. Stop fighting time and work with it instead.

Too many distractions

From YouTube to email and beyond, the possible list of excuses are long and growing daily. The pomodoro technique trains your brain to focus solely on the task at hand and teaches you to deal with distractions later.

Struggle to finish anything

The pomodoro technique enables you to pick a focus for each session, by defining this task you set a goal and work solely on that. This focus helps you to drive tasks through to completion.

Feeling tired and uninspired

The pomodoro technique encourages you to move around in your break, take a real break from what you are doing. This helps you to remain fresh throughout the day, encouraging creativity and quick thinking.

Can’t balance work and life

The pomodoro technique includes a planning period at the beginning of the day, by doing this you are setting realistic targets to complete. Further to this you are working in a focused way, which means you get things finished more quickly.

The pomodoro technique is great for many different professions and tasks. It is used widely by students to maintain focus while studying. It is used to help people keep on top of their workload. The pomodoro technique is very popular with freelancers and consultants to ensure they deliver quality on time and at a profit.

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