Where is focus booster live?

Hello! Nice to see you. You are looking for focus booster live? Well we have some exciting news for you.

As you probably noticed, focus booster has been redesigned...with this comes some sweet extensions. Focus booster now has in-built time tracking and reporting and for this reason focus booster live (as you know it) has been integrated into the web app that contains all the new functionality, focus booster HQ.

Don't worry though, you can access focus booster HQ for free and use the timer, with the added benefit of being able to use some of the awesome new features. What is the catch? We only hold onto your data for a maximum of three days. We don't think this will be a problem however, because there are a bunch of new features that you have access to. Besides, if you really like it you can susbscribe!

There is also a desktop timer you can download if that would suit your purposes better.

Happy focus boostering!

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