Timer to timesheet synchronization

The beauty of focus booster is that all the sessions completed with the timer are automatically recorded back to HQ.

To get started create the clients in HQ. Then assign a client to each session, add a label to each client session and the data is automatically populated into HQ. Simple and instant time tracking for the Pomodoro Technique

For each session completed the client, session label, session number and session length is saved to HQ. When multiple entries on one day have the same client and session label, they will be totalled together, showing the total number of sessions and total duration. When you hover over an entry you will be able to see how long each individual session was and what time it started.

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focus booster is just $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year (that is two months on us!)

For less than the price of one coffee per month you can learn to manage distractions, find your focus and achieve productivity.