Our launch strategy

We are really excited about the new focus booster timer and focus booster HQ and as a result we wanted to get our product into the hands of our valued users (that’s you!) as soon as possible.

The good news is, the new focus booster desktop timer is complete and ready to go, on Windows and Mac operating systems. It is time to get productive!

The other news is that bug testing takes a while, so, we have decided to stage the launch of focus booster HQ, our super simple pomodoro time tracking system. Focus booster HQ is also home to our live timer.

We are launching to Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE11 desktop browsers first. The thinking behind this is that the bulk of our users (nearly 90%) are using one of these four. If you are one of the four, the go ahead and boost your focus!

IE10 and IE9 will come next, because all the different versions make ironing out all the bugs a little more challenging, so although focus booster HQ can be used in IE10 and 9 we can’t promise it will run smoothly. If you still want to give it a go, then please go ahead! Let us know about any issues you might find. If you are after an assured smooth experience we suggest you download Chrome or Firefox and use focus booster in one of those browsers.

Lastly, we will smooth out focus booster HQ in iOS and Android. Starting with tablets and finishing with mobile. We will update our device support section when everything is running smoothly. Focus booster HQ was built to be responsive, so you might be able to use it on tablets and mobilt phones but we can't guarantee it will be smooth...yet!

Thanks for your patience and good vibes. We will let you know as soon as focus booster HQ is fully fledged and raring to go in all browsers and on all devices.

Here is the breakdown of which browsers focus booster users run;

Browser Percentage of users
Chrome 56.5%
Firefox 19.0%
Safari 12.3%
IE 11 1.6%
IE 10 2.2%
IE 8 1.8%
IE 9 1.7%

Browser launch key
These browsers are tested and most issues are iron out, happy focus boosting.
Mostly tested and in a workable state. If this is your browser you won't have too many issues.
Still testing, you can give it a go but we give no promises.

If you are looking for a list of known issues that have been reported so far, please visit our known issues log. Please get in touch if you find anything else, were you to brave the pre-issue fixed IE10 and 9, tablet or mobile versions! Muchos gracias.

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