New features

Any new features and fixes we implement will be documented here.

If you want to know a little more about v2.0 you can checkout our change log.

(170) As a hq user, I would like to receive an invoice/account via email every time a payment is deducted from my account.

(134) IE issue - have to refresh to see new entries on the data entry pages.

(165) Manual time entry (first of the day) fail to show, leading to duplicate entries. (Internet Explorer Win 8.1 Update 1).

(261) As a fb user I would like to be able to delete sessions when editing sessions using the option to individually edit multiple entries.

(253) When a session is added manually with no start time defined the timesheets should communicate this in the editing screen to help identify sessions for the user.

(252) When a session is added manually the user should be able to set the time the session started.

(195) Add more currencies to allow people to work and report in their preferred currency.

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