Finding your way around the focus booster web app

Navigating your way around the focus booster web app? Here are some pointers to get you started;

The focus booster web app is an all in one time tracking system, it has a built in timer and can also been used with the desktop timer.

If you haven't already, sign up to focus booster and then log in before you start working through the tour.

Focus booster HQ, getting started tour

1 Landing page
For ease of use focus booster always opens on timesheets after signing in. It opens up the current day upon sign in so you can see exactly what time you logged. Tah dah!

2 Timesheets
Navigate to timesheets from anywhere else on the site. Timesheets are a day by day breakdown of sessions. You can automatically navigate back to today using the 'go to today' link.

3 Clients
Start building your data! Input your clients and their hourly rates and start using the focus booster timer and watch your timesheets populate!

4 Reports
Behind this tab is a dashboard filled with awesome graphs and reports. Analyze your performance and export reports.

5 Manage your details and preferences
This little guy hides a few important menu options. Here they are;

  • Preferences
    Customization! Here you can manage the date format and currency you would like to work in or turn clients and/or revenue on and off.

  • Profile
    Update your name, email or password here. You username always stays the same.

  • Subscription
    Manage your subscription here, everything from updating your subscription and credit card details, viewing invoices and cancelling (we hope you like focus booster too much to do that!)

6 Online timer
The focus booster web app has a online timer, so you can do all your pomodoro time tracking in the one place. Clicking this tab will open and close the timer window. The timer can be minimized during a session (by clicking the tab) and it will then show the timer count down on the tab. Currently the timer is only visible on the timesheets tab.

7 Preferences
Manage your preferences here, change the session and break lengths etc.

8 Timer
This will navigate back to the pomodoro timer after editing your preferences.

9 Clients
Here you can use the drop down to select from the clients you entered in the client tab.

10 Session labeling
Enter your session label here, it might be the name of a project or task. Get creative! It will be recorded in your timesheets for that day, along with the client name.

11 Pomodoro timer face
This is the timer face. While it counts down, the circle's colour changes gradually from green to red. The progress bar will be blue during your break and reverse back to the beginning.

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