Finding your way around the desktop timer

So you are new. Welcome! Need a little direction? Well look no further!

The main timer screen has three main sections you need to be familiar with; the menu option, the timer itself and integration back to the web app. To help you get acquainted quickly here is a diagram describing what all the elements are;

Before you get too far in, if you haven't already, download focus booster and open it up!

Focus booster timer, how to find your way around

To open the menu just click on the menu icon.

1 Sessions
Clicking this menu item will take you back to the timer screen.

2 Preferences
Here lies a little cog. Change your timer preferences here. You can do the following;

  • Set the length of your sessions and breaks.
  • Select to have the ticking sound playing throughout a session or a break, or not at all.
  • Set a notification sound for both the end of your break and the end of a session.
  • Enable this focus booster window to minimise upon opening the mini timer.
  • Choose the color of your timer, you can choose from a dark or a light theme.

3 Account
Log in here when you first open the timer to ensure all your sessions sync to the web app.

Focus booster timer, how to find your way around


4 Play
This is the play button and the stop button, you can’t pause (this is the pomodoro technique remember!) but you do have an option of saving an incomplete session so you do have the option of recording the time you spent.

5 Progress bar
This circle around the timer display transitions from green to red as the time counts down and then reverses back the other way in blue during the break.

6 Mini timer
If you want to be able to see the timer at all times, use the mini timer and sit it in the corner of your screen. It always stays on top.

Saving sessions

If you are not logged in you will not see the data fields.

7 Add a session label
Add labels to your sessions, so you know what you spent your time on! This is a free text field.

8 Select your client
A drop down of the clients you have entered into the web app on the client tab. If you aren't seeing a client in you list you just added, refresh using the button in the client drop down.

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