Data retention for free plan

We offer a great free plan, so you can have the benefit of the focus booster online timer without having to sign-up.

The catch? We only keep your data for 3 days, oh and you can't export. If you would like that functionality, which makes invoicing and doing timesheets a breeze, please upgrade to a basic monthly or annual subscription.

A little more about how the 3 days of data retention works, data expires after it is 3 days old. This means that;

  • sessions older than 3 days will be deleted.
  • clients with no associated sessions will be deleted.

If you want to be able to retain your data, take a look at our pricing because for less than one coffee per month you can have access to all of focus booster's awesome features.

Try it free for 15 days

focus booster is just $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year (that is two months on us!)

For less than the price of one coffee per month you can learn to manage distractions, find your focus and achieve productivity.