Simple, charming, insightful time tracking

Manage your time effectively, turn to-dos into have-dones and finish your day feeling accomplished.

Congratulations on being selected to join the private beta testing group of the new focus booster app!

This means you will receive exclusive access over the next four weeks to work closely with the focus booster development team, letting us know what works best for you and what doesn't.

Ultimately, you get to take a front seat, helping to drive focus booster's direction to be the most efficient tool for your productivity.

The next generation of focus booster

When rebuilding focus booster, we had one word in mind, simple.

Although visually different to the eye, the new app has been scaled back to provide you with a streamlined experience when it comes to tracking your tasks. This is so you can focus only on the things that matter; starting a session within seconds, and getting your job done without any hurdles in your way.

To familiarise yourself with the new features, check out this video to see what's new.

How to navigate the new features

If at any point, you find that you need a refresher on how a feature should perform, you can view the help documents that have been created specifically for our private beta group.

These are located in the 'help' icon in the navigation menu.

Where you can test the new app

In the initial survey, we asked your preferred device to use focus booster on. This is so all devices are covered with an even spread of users, and your feedback can be actioned efficiently by our team.

This means, testing is fast tracked and the official launch day looks brighter!

The new app is available to be tested only in a browser, on the following devices;

  • Mac - Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge

  • Windows - Chrome, IE and Microsoft Edge

  • Android (Tablet and/or mobile) - Chrome, Firefox

  • iOS (Tablet and/or mobile) - Chrome

Please note that Android and iOS apps are still a work in progress.

As of June 29th, the new focus booster app is also available to install onto your desktop, on the following devices:

  • macOS - Chrome 70+ and Microsoft Edge

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 - Chrome 70+ and Microsoft Edge

To install the new focus booster app onto your desktop:

  1. Open in your browser.

  2. Direct your eyes to the far right of the URL bar and click the circle icon with a '+' inside of it. (If you are currently logged in, you may need to refresh your page to trigger the icon to appear).

  3. A pop-up box will appear. Select 'Install' and your new desktop app will open within seconds.

To quickly open up your focus booster desktop app, we recommend pinning focus booster to your task bar.

Providing your feedback with us

We have two lines of communication open for you to actively communicate with our team. In the initial survey we asked if you would like to join the focus booster Slack channel or would like to chat through email.

For those who opted for email, you can choose to join the Slack channel at anytime. Slack is the best way of keeping in contact with our team and, collaborating with other beta testers.

It's important to understand that, not only have you just joined to beta test, but you have also joined a community of like-minded people who are also interested in contributing to the development of focus booster.

We encourage you to log into the Slack channel each day, even if you do not have a bug to report. You can review issues or ideas other testers have submitted and provide your two cents to the conversation.

The types of feedback we are looking for

  • Any bugs or roadblocks you've come across

  • Any of the new features that you're enjoying, and why

  • Any of the new features that you aren't enjoying, and why

  • Any improvements you would like to see, keeping in mind we have a defined roadmap for this launch and may not be able to tackle your request just yet.

The format for logging a bug

Bugs are annoying, and can be tricky to convey.

If you do come across a bug, we encourage everyone to utilise the below format. This will help our to team to quickly recreate the bug, identify the issue, and resolve it as soon as possible.

Issue description


Steps to reproduce the issue




What's the expected result?


What's the actual result?


Additional details / screenshot



Participation and expectations of beta testers

Beta testing runs strictly on timelines. We encourage you to participate as much as possible by;

  • Logging in and using focus booster often

  • Provide your honest feedback in our surveys

  • Actively partake in Slack channel discussions

Beta testing isn't just about testing, it's about collaborating with other testers too!

To ensure everyone's experience is a positive one, our team will be monitoring conversations and contributing as well.

If at any point you would not like to continue in the private beta group, please let us know so we can refill your position.

At the end of testing we have some exciting incentives available, based on your level of participation.

What can you expect from our team

Our team's priority is to offer you a coherent tool that, not only guarantees to improve your productivity but strives to continually improve based on your needs.

Over the next four weeks, our team will respond to and act on each piece of feedback received, so we can deliver the best version of focus booster in time for July.

Each week will be a different experience for you, as we continue to deliver exciting new features for you to test. You can expect to receive an email from us shortly, with the invitation to view focus booster's roadmap.

Bugs, improvements in the works and beta reports

  • Private Beta report - #1

  • Private Beta report - #2

  • Private Beta report - #3

  • Private Beta report - #4

  • Limited functionality in a browser on Android and iOS devices.

  • Username and password fields spread across the width of the log in page.

  • Sessions recorded in the previous focus booster app did not transfer to the time entries report in the new app.

  • Improve messaging on the ‘session expired’ screen and remove ‘failed to load’ notifications.

  • If at any point you wish to return to the old app to record your sessions, any new labels created in the old app will not be copied across to the beta version of the new app.

  • Create a manual entry with a new label and client while the timer is running.

  • The time entries table is right aligned. The table will now be centred to remove the white space on the left hand side.

  • A disclaimer to pop up on the session replay icon when hovered over.

Log in and get started

Our team are excited to hear your feedback, and to have your help to shape the new version of focus booster.

If at any time, you would like to contact our team personally, you can send us an email on, with questions, comments or concerns.

Keep an eye out in your inbox for an invitation to view focus booster's roadmap in Notion, and an invite to join focus booster's Slack channel, if you have confirmed this as your preferred way to communicate with our team.

All the best, and we look forward to chatting with you very soon!