Be more motivated and productive

Use a pomodoro timer to put procrastination to bed.

Get things done in easy to manage, 25-minute blocks of time.

We know the secret to improving productivity and motivation.

Using a pomodoro timer will help you manage distractions, stay focused and at the end of each day, give you a sense of achievement, the feeling of a good day's progress.

Over 2 million freelancers, students and employees worldwide have read the Pomodoro Technique book.

Now you are in on the (not so secret) secret; you can get your share of productivity juice with a pomodoro timer.

How to do the pomodoro

Your time management caffeine, the pomodoro timer is used to implement the pomodoro technique. The pomodoro timer encourages you to work in intervals, traditionally 25-minutes long, followed by short breaks, typically 5-minutes long. These pomodoro sessions ensure you get more done by managing distractions, discouraging multi-tasking, all which leads to greater focus.

4 steps to improve your productivity using a pomodoro timer

Remove all distractions from easy reach (mobile off, close email).

Choose a task you need to get done. Get ready to focus.

Set your pomodoro timer to 25 minutes and start working.

Take a 5-minute break. Repeat four times, then take a longer break.

Stop sabotaging your progress with procrastination

How will a pomodoro timer get you moving, you ask?

Improve focus

Get more done by focusing on one task for 25 minutes. Multi-tasking, be gone.

Remove distractions

Learn to manage distractions to your advantage. Every interruption costs you up to 20 minutes of precious time in trying to find your groove again, yet most things aren't so urgent they can't wait 25 minutes.

Release you from procrastination

Get started on those 'must do' but 'don't want to' tasks quickly, that is the hardest part over!

Improve motivation

As you see your productivity grow, so will your determination to keep up the progress.

See what you can achieve in just 25 minutes

  • In 25 mins Nix
    doubled his word count to 1000+.
  • In 25 mins Dustin was able to achieve inbox zero.
  • In 25 mins Coco drafted a short story outline.
  • In 25 mins Fedieson designed a real estate ad.

It gets better, the digital pomodoro timer

When the technique was invented (the 1980s) there wasn't a lot of digital distractions in the world. Now, because we do the majority of our work in front of a digital screen, the possibilities for distraction are endless. Luckily that also leaves room for digital implementation of the pomodoro technique. Which is even better than a manual pomodoro timer because;

No need to manually wind the timer ever session and break

It is right there on your screen, offering visual and audio cues to help you develop a healthy relationship with time

More and more pomodoro products offer extended features, like time tracking and planning so you can keep everything in one place

Boost your willpower with a pomodoro timer

You don't lack motivation, you just prefer instant reward over hard slog, like the rest of us.

A pomodoro timer will help you move past the hurdles that keep you waiting at the starting line, giving you the motivation to push for the finish line.

Don't let procrastination, the uncertainty of where to start or lack of motivation get the better of you, get a pomodoro timer.

Increase focus, decrease distractions, be motivated

With a 30-day free trial of focus booster, you have nothing to lose by giving a pomodoro timer shot.

focus booster will even give you the added benefits of;

  • Automatically creating timesheets of the sessions you complete.
  • Visualizing your progress with productivity dashboards.
  • Starting a new session with the click of a button (no resetting a tomato timer!).
  • Always visible mini timer in the desktop app.
  • Quick reporting and invoicing with CSV export.
  • Desktop or online pomodoro timers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a pomodoro timer?

Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato. The pomodoro technique was created by an Italian student named Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. When he proposed this method he was using a tomato shaped timer, thus the pomodoro timer/technique was born.

Do I need a tomato timer?

No, in fact, any old egg timer will do the job as a pomodoro technique timer, but we prefer digital pomodoro timers.

Is a digital pomodoro timer better?

We think so; the best digital pomodoro timers are convenient and simplify the pomodoro technique. Digital timers require less time to restart a session and tools like focus booster automatically generate timesheets and productivity dashboards for you. You can see exactly where your day went. You can also choose between an online pomodoro timer (in download or install) or a desktop pomodoro timer, for more discrete notifications and constant visual feedback of time spent.

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