Pomodoro Time Tracker

A pomodoro time tracker makes a pomodoro timer so much more valuable. Pomodoro time tracking will record all your pomodoro sessions; allowing you to manage your time, improve your productivity and monitor your progress.

Pomodoro time tracking enables instant, measureable productivity.

How does pomodoro time tracking work?

While a pomodoro timer looks after time for you, it is pomodoro time tracking that allows you to keep track of all your sessions. Focus booster syncs all the sessions you run through the timer into the focus booster web app. By recording all your pomodoro sessions you are populating a timesheet, with no extra effort. So, not only do you no longer have to do timesheets you have instant reports and a detailed dashboard, which you can use to manage your time and keep your producitivty in check. Focus booster is the ultimate in pomodoro time tracking because the CSV export functionality allows you to filter the sessions you are charging for into a document, to format into an invoice or attach as a breakdown of time spent.

Tracking pomodoro sessions with a pomodoro timer

The focus booster pomodoro timer allows you to stay focused and fresh by timing your pomodoro sessions. We have a desktop pomodoro timer, available for Windows or Mac and the online timer, which is accessed through focus booster HQ. The deal is you do 25 minutes of focused work, with no distractions. Followed by a 5 minute break, to refresh the mind. The pomodoro time tracking functionality delivered through focus booster HQ delivers real value to the pomodoro technique as it gives you visibility of where time goes, which you would otherwise never have, even if you are sticking to the tally approach recommended by the Pomodoro Technique.

Find productivity with a pomodoro time tracking app

Try tracking your pomodoro sessions with focus booster today and see the time it will save you in admin tasks, such as filling out timesheets and invoicing. Not only that but a pomodoro time tracker will give you visibility of where your time is going and how you can improve the way you work.

Jump on board today, boost your focus and make work easier.