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Track pomodoro sessions and improve productivity in just 25-minutes, with focus booster's pomodoro online timer.

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Achieve structure and productivity

Working from home means more freedom, time and no office distractions. It also means too much freedom, a lack of structure and new distractions. Here is how a pomodoro online timer can help;

Eliminate procrastination

Put on some pants, avoid the comfy couch and make magic happen.

focus booster's pomodoro online timer improves your motivation to get started. All it takes is saying 'yes' to a 25-minute pomodoro session.

Mental clarity

Working from home means less reasons to get up from your desk.

focus booster's pomodoro online timer triggers regular 5-minute breaks to keep you feeling fresh, and energised.

Manage in-home distractions

Distractions like house mates, children, the TV and cleaning become difficult to ignore.

focus booster's pomodoro online timer encourages you to focus for just 25-minutes at a time, so you can visit these distractions later.

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Know exactly where your time goes, with a record to prove it

focus booster is more than just a pomodoro online timer, it provides insightful reports for things you wouldn't be able to identify otherwise, like;

Evidence of your achievements

Show your boss exactly what you have achieved today or, view for your own pleasure!

See your accomplishments in detail with session reports, created from your pomodoro session data.

Your most productive day

Your pomodoro session data is gathered into an insightful graph to understand power moments like, your most productive day, so you can schedule important tasks down the track.

Time management improvements

Break down client or project work into smaller tasks, to see where your time has been spent.

Use these insight to improve estimation and time management in future.

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"Simple" and "easy to use"

As said by 240,000+ focus booster users

"I'm a mother, a wife, I work two jobs and have a lot to do! focus booster has helped me to stay on track, one task at a time."

Camilla - busy mum

"I struggle with structure and discipline. I love focus booster because it really does hold me accountable, now that I am working from home. I also enjoy the email tips along the way, they have helped to shape a new work structure for me!"

Jessica - business analyst

"My biggest struggle is just, getting started. The pomodoro technique helps me commit and take the first step towards achieving momentum on a task. I love focus booster because it is simple and easy to navigate."

Sheena - transcriptionist

Get started and build momentum

in just 25-minutes

When working, you can only focus for so long before your mind starts to wander. The pomodoro technique avoids this issue through focus sessions and regular breaks.

The 4 steps to improve your productivity, using your pomodoro online timer are;


Remove all distractions from easy reach (mobile off, close email).


Choose a task you need to get done. Get ready to focus.


Set your pomodoro timer to 25 minutes and start working.


Take a 5-minute break. Repeat four times, then take a longer break.

If procrastination is getting in the way, you owe yourself focus booster

No one want's to admit to being a procrastinator. It is a trait that holds you back, preventing creativity and efficiency. You no longer need to live this way...

An advantage of a pomodoro online timer is that it is simple, easy to use and requires minimal effort to get started.

focus booster has, not only mastered this, it has also made it easily accessible on all of your devices.

You can use your focus booster pomodoro online timer on a;

  • Browser (web app)

  • Download the app on Mac or Windows

  • Browser on your mobile device

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