Pomodoro Online Timer

Looking for a tool to help you complete the pomodoro technique online? Boost your productivity with focus booster HQ and its built-in online timer.

Complete pomodoros online

Focus booster is a pomodoro timer, with the added benefit of allowing you to do pomodoros online. For those new to the pomodoro technique, a ‘pomodoro’ refers to a pomodoro session.

Using an online pomodoro timer

The pomodoro technique works in the following way;

  1. Eliminate all distractions (this includes; interruptions from colleagues and clients, emails, phone calls, texts and the internet in general!).
  2. Using focus booster, the pomodoro technique timer, begin a 25 minute session of total focus. This is what is called a pomodoro session.
  3. Take a 5 minute break to refresh your mind, step away from your desk, move, do whatever is best at keeping you fresh for the next session. After this boost (see what we did there? You focus and then you use the break to boost you!) you are ready to begin again.
  4. After every 4 pomodoro sessions take a longer break.

Normally, there would be another step in the above, to take note of all the online pomodoro sessions you have timed throughout the day but this isn’t necessary with focus booster. All focus booster online pomodoro timer sessions can be synced automatically in the app. This feature gives you automated timesheets, a dashboard to see your progress and productivity and session reporting with a whole range of filters and CSV export to create invoices and reports for clients and superiors.

More than just an online timer

The online pomodoro timer is great but the focus booster timer also comes as downloadable desktop software, there is both a Windows desktop pomodoro timer and a Mac desktop pomodoro timer. The desktop timers have a mini always on top version, with colour change to identify the count down, so you can always see, even at a quick glance, where you are in a session.

The pros of using an online pomodoro technique timer

The advantage of using a pomodoro online timer is that it is always available to you, no matter what computer or device you are using, because all you have to do is hit the URL and sign-in. There is no need to download the desktop timer to every computer you use. Having an online timer makes the pomodoro technique quick and effective to implement and it is less invasive to those around you than an actual tomato timer. Check out the features of focus booster’s online pomodoro timer or sign-up to focus booster to get access to the online pomodoro timer and instant, measurable productivity.