Pomodoro for Windows

Did you know that Windows users make up a huge percentage of focus booster's clients? That is why we have a sleek pomodoro timer for Windows.

Pomodoro timer for Windows features

You can download the pomodoro desktop timer for Windows (there is also a Mac desktop pomodoro timer) or there is an online version of the timer in our web app. If you subscribe to focus booster you will have unlimited access to time tracking and reporting features. The best part is all of the pomodoro sessions you do on the Windows pomodoro timer or the online timer can be automatically synchronised back to the web app. Meaning you will never have to do a timesheet again. If you are freelancing or consulting you will be able to use the CSV export in session reports to create invoices. If you need to capture time to share with your superiors then you can use the CSV export to share it. We make your pomodoro sessions into instantly measurable productivity with dashboard reporting. Take a look at our focus booster features page to find out all the sweet functionality you have at your finger tips.

The pomodoro technique on Windows

If you are here you probably already know about the pomodoro technique but for those of you who don’t…it is a time management methodology. It requires you to work in 25 minute focused sessions with a 5 minute break after each, although these times can be edited to suit your own requirements or working style. Focus booster is a pomodoro timer and pomodoro time tracker, which allows you to implement the pomodoro technique with ease.

Use our pomodoro timer, never look back

Our pomodoro app for Windows will change the way you see work. You will get more done, you will stay fresh and you won’t have to worry about time recording ever again. Sign up to focus booster and download the pomodoro desktop timer for Windows to experience seamless pomodoro time management for yourself.