Pomodoro app for MacOS

Squeeze more value out of your day with focus booster's pomodoro app for MacOS.

focus booster pomodoro for mac

Focus fully, one task at a time

You cannot eliminate distractions completely, but you can find ways to manage them. focus booster's pomodoro app for MacOS encourages you to focus, one task at a time with the:

Simple pomodoro timer

Simplicity is key when it comes to the pomodoro technique.

Close off browser pages and programs that aren't needed right now, then hit 'start' on focus booster's easy-to-use pomodoro app.

Light and dark mode

Select a timer theme to suit your working style with light and dark mode options. It's up to you!

Mini timer

focus fully on one task and improve your output with the mini timer.

The mini timer is visable on the front of your screen at all times, so you will always see how far into a session you are.

focus booster pomodoro for mac set goals

Stay engaged, feel motivated and view your progress

There's nothing more motivating than viewing your progress. Complete sessions in focus booster's pomodoro app for Mac and view your progress in focus booster's web app to see:

Your most productive day

Bank up your session data for a week to see what your most productive day was. Identify your productivity power moments so you can schedule important tasks here next week.

Accomplishments broken down

When you feel as if progress is elusive, and aren't sure what you have accomplished today, focus booster's timesheet reports will show you.

See a complete list of what you have worked on, when and for how long.

Your progress visualised

Humans are hardwired to crave the finish line. Visualising your past accomplishments in focus booster's dashboard reports will keep you motivated to achieve future goals.

View the times when you were able to step up to a challenge like, a busy work week, and smashed it!

focus booster pomodoro for mac dashboard reports

Think about what progress means to you, and set a goal to achieve it

Control feelings of discouragement and download focus booster's pomodoro app for Mac today, as your reminder of the great progress you can achieve.

To start tracking your progress today:

  1. Sign up to focus booster

  2. Download the pomodoro app for Mac

  3. Pick a task

  4. Start your first session