The pomodoro timer for freelancers, everything you need but no more.

Easy to use pomodoro timer, accurate time tracking, simple financial reporting and insightful productivity analysis.

focus booster keeps you accountable when working solo.

Freelancing can be a tough gig, in your hand you hold the potential to earn more and live the life you want but you need to knuckle down and be productive to make it happen.

focus booster desktop timer and mini timer in different colors

Use focus booster's pomodoro timer to take the pomodoro technique to the next level. Get detailed time records and a simple way to report on productivity and revenue, with no additional effort.

Accurately track your time and revenue.

Forget about scratching your head trying to remember what your last session was.

Using the focus booster pomodoro timer, you can track clients, hourly rates and add labels so you know exactly what you worked on and when.

Simple, insightful reporting.

We turn your session data into insightful dashboard graphs so you can see your most productive day, the clients you spend the most time on and the clients you make the most revenue from.

focus booster sessions converted to client time and revenue pie charts

Plus you can export all your data to CSV to create or attach to invoices.

Balance clients, grow revenue.

Freelancing is a balancing act and client management is tough but with focus booster you can make sure your effort is rewarded with revenue and it is as simple as looking at your dashboard.

focus booster most productive day of the week and revenue charts

Start tracking time in under 2 mins.

Getting started is simple too;

  1. Sign up
  2. Add your clients and hourly rates when prompted
  3. Start a session

50% of focus booster users are successful freelancers.

"focus booster is a very useful tool to track the cost and time of the work I am doing. I use the data to forecast future projects. It is incredible!"

Arty - freelance video productions

Track time online, plan offline.

Transitioning to focus booster isn't a big change, you can still do your planning on paper and then track all your time in the app.

Save time. Earn more.

At $4.99 per month for all features, including client management, you will see value in focus booster when you discover how much time it saves you on reporting and analysis. Plus you will have greater insight into how you work and what you can do to improve your productivity.

Still have questions?

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