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Build better habits with ease

Working from home is a double-edged sword; you have the freedom to work where you like but, you are faced with new distractions. Use focus booster to ensure you;

Remain focused

Take control and avoid falling victim to distractions. With just one click, focus booster will help you to manage your time more effectively.

Stay fresh

Remain focused and recharged throughout the day with 5-minute break reminders.

Manage distractions

Simple things like the dishes, social media and the TV can be difficult to ignore.

focus booster will encourage you to focus on the one task and attend to distractions at a more appropriate time.

Improve motivation

Often, the hardest part of getting started is just...getting started! Our online timer allows you to jump that hurdle with a quick 25-minute session to find your groove.

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Visualise progress and feel accomplished at the end of the day

focus booster is more than your average online timer, it also provides insightful reporting to bring clarity to your day.

Evidence of your progress

See exactly what you have accomplished at the end of each day with a detailed session list, automatically created from your pomodoro session data.

Indentify power moments

Gain a deeper understanding of your most productive times, and where improvements can be made with dashboards.

Know exactly where your time goes

Track categories within your client or project work to see where all your time goes. Use these insights to improve your esimtates, and manage your time even better.

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Join a diverse, productive community

240,000+ people use focus booster to track their time while working from home.

"The focus booster features really nail a balance between simplicity and functionality."

Fernando - freelance podcast editor

"focus booster has helped me to build a structured workday, see where my time goes and channel my energy into bettering my members fitness goals. I honestly don't know how I would have achieve this otherwise!"

Michael - gym owner (and online trainer)

"focus booster has been the #1 tool for me to stay focused now I work from home with my children. I would never have thought how simple it was to increase my productivity and efficiency in such a busy house! Thank you!"

Deborah - government employee

We are there, every step of the way

No matter where you are, focus booster is there.

You can use focus booster's online timer on your;

  • Browser (web app)

  • Available for download on Mac or Windows

  • Via a browser on your mobile device

focus booster time tracking

focus booster will save you time and energy

focus booster is simple.

That is why our community has grown to over 240,000+ people wanting to manage their time while working from home.

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