Next generation focus booster

We have a very exciting birthday celebration! We will soon be launching a new version of focus booster to some exclusive users!

For now, the new version will have all the functionality that is currently in the mobile and desktop apps (timesheets and reporting to come soon) plus some new and very exciting features;

  • In app pomodoro count
  • In app session list
  • Offline support
  • HTML 5 notifications
  • Browser tab count-down

If you would like to get your hands on the new version of the app you can sign up for lifetime membership here. It is a special one time only deal for our 10th birthday celebration.

What does this all mean?

In app pomodoro count

Imagine you have been using focus booster all day and you just want to know how you have progressed. Currently, you have no idea how many sessions you completed, unless you log into the web app.

In the new app you will have a little counter in the top right corner of the app at all times, so you know exactly how productive you are being.

In app session list

Similarly, in the mobile and desktop apps you also have no visibility of what you worked on, without visiting your timesheets.

Now, to see a session list, all you will have to do is click on the pomodoro count to see exactly what you have worked on throughout the day.

Offline support

You have a deadline you really need to knuckle down to meet. You want to turn off your phone and disconnect from the internet, but if you do that you can’t record your sessions.

Now you can! All your sessions will be added to your pomodoro log and when you are online again you will be able to retry to save them all in your time entries. In-flight pomodoros here we come!

HTML 5 notifications

You can now choose to have pop-up notifications in addition to/or in place of audio notifications. More insurance to never miss the end of your session or break.

Browser tab count-down

See where you are at in a session quickly with our browser timer count-down.

Long break

As the pomodoro technique instructs, after your fourth pomodoro session you should take a longer break of 20 minutes to refresh your mind.

Now, your pomodoro timer will automatically instruct you when the time has come!

In your session preferences, you can customise the frequency at which you schedule your long break. You can disable long break if you do not wish to use it.

Session replay

For the tasks that you may need to revisit at a later point in the day. Just hit the play button!

From the new in app session list, you can easily replay a previous session, hit play and your client/label fields will be populated! Starting a pomodoro has never been so easy.

If you love the idea of these features, as much as we do, and you want to be one of the first to have access to them, send us a message!