Mobile beta

Welcome to the focus booster mobile beta testing team! Android and iOS alike, we are thrilled to have you onboard.

Many of you probably know we did a lifetime membership campaign to help speed the delivery of the mobile apps, so we are thrilled to be starting the final round of beta testing with your assistance.

How to get the apps

iOs app


If you are on iOS you are probably already in Test Flight (which we used to distribute beta versions to our testers), in which case you should have recieved an email about updating the app. If you didn't recieve the email then open the Test Flight app on your phone. If you aren't on the beta list yet, but want to be... email us.


Android users you have been added to the beta list and this is the link you need to get started. If you aren't on the beta list yet, but want to be... email us.

Android app

What to test

  • That the mobile app functions as the desktop app
  • That your data is saving to the web app as you would expect
  • That your labels are being filtered by client
  • That the session ended early function is working and saving your incomplete session to the web app

Providing feedback

Please log any feedback on the appropriate trello board;

Just a heads up that for now the mobile apps will remain as exact replicas of the desktop app. We need to update everything together so the first step of getting mobile apps out was to get the functionality to match what we have now. The next improvements will be rolled out over all four versions of the timer.

Thank you

Thanks for taking part in the beta for this exciting launch! We look forward to your feedback.