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"focus booster keeps me honest and on task. Outstanding!"

- Donna McKamy

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are supported?

We now have iOS and Android mobile apps. At this stage, we have focused only on mobile but would like to expand into tablets and watches in due course.

How will the mobile apps compare to the other focus booster apps?

We currently have Windows and Mac desktop apps and a web app. The mobile apps are similar to the desktop apps (but you can take them everywhere you go). The web app remains as the business end of things, with access to reports and timesheets. We have mantained this approach as it means we can roll out support over multiple devices in a way that is effective for a small team. In future, we hope to incorporate more reporting into all apps. In the meantime, the web app is accessible from all devices and there is a link to take you directly there in the mobile app, so you can access reporting that way!

How much does the app cost?

The mobile apps are completely free. You can do 20 sessions per month after your 30 day free trial. When you need more than that, focus booster plans start at $3 a month. For that small price you will finish every day with a sense of accomplishment. focus booster will make you productive through the simple and effective use of pomodoro technique principles. If you are completely new to focus booster you get a free 30-day trial, try it now.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the apps!