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Join as a lifetime member and your exclusive voting survey will be delivered to your inbox. Vote for your top three features and we will build them in the winning order.

What will it be?...

  • Mobile apps
  • Planning/To-do lists
  • Long break and recurring timer
  • Tagging
  • Productivity analysis
  • Integration with music or other sounds
  • Better notifications (audio and visual)
  • Desktop pomodoro count
  • Zapier integration (to allow for integration with Todoist, Asana, Freshbooks, calendars and more)
  • Ability to add session comments/notes
  • Team/organization plan
  • Count-up timer, with pause

Invest in your success with personalized coaching

It can be hard to find your productivity groove, but with a lifetime membership you not only shape your perfect tool, but also have access to personalized productivity coaching to get the most out of your day.

We have been doing this for over two years now and we know all the struggles you face when trying to become more productive...

  • Breaking bad habits (and building good ones)
  • Allowing urgent tasks to fill your day
  • Time wasting meetings
  • Letting email/social media rule your life

We have seen it all and we have been there too!

We can help you focus your time on the most important tasks to get you on track to achieving your goals.

What other productivity app helps you to do that?!

78,346 sign-ups and counting

Over the past 2 years we have achieved a lot as a small part-time team.

Although we have had a lot of sign-ups (not subscriptions) since we turned focus booster into a time tracking app (it was previously a free pomodoro timer), we want to focus booster to be a successful company and your ultimate productivity app!

This is our little team;

  • Scott: Founder/co-owner and developer. A tech geek and awesome drummer.
  • Alice: Co-owner, customer success and marketing. Book geek and travel lover.
  • Rey: Digital strategy intern. A music geek and International Relations student.

Currently we geeks bootstrap the growth of focus booster, your lifetime membership and support will help us add new features fast and build a productivity community around focus booster!

Here is a sneak peak at the beginnings of our mobile app and a quick intro to us. Beware, we won't be producing movies anytime soon!

Start shaping your productive future

The only other way you could have this much input would be to code it yourself!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my favourite feature doesn't top the poll?

You shouldn't have to wait long...Although the top feature might not be your most desired, it is still a positive because chances are new subscribers are looking for that feature too, and more sales means we can scale our resources to build more features, working toward your favourite quickly.

What if the pomodoro technique isn't how I always work?

All the more reason to join! Vote for the option to have a standard count up timer in focus booster. We are excited about this feature, because we know not everyone is always in the right frame of mind for tomatoes. Switching between the two will be as easy as the click of a button.

What if I can't get into the habit of using the app?

One of the major things we want to help you with in the future is ways to make productivity a habit. We will be doing this through personalized productivty coaching and making lots on improvements to the app. Make sure you let us know what you need to make it easy to remember to use focus booster.

How is your product going to be better than the competitions?

The beauty of focus booster is in its simplicity and we continue to strive for that. We also have some great value add features that will make us better than any other productivity app, not just the pomodoro ones. Things like social features (think leaderboards), the ability to graph activity (like word count) and the option to use focus booster as a standard count up timer.

Will the lifetime subscription last forever?

Certainly will. We understand that people have been burnt by lifetime deals before but the bonus of focus booster growing organically with the help of a little pre-purchase income means we don't have to please anyone but you! Not to mention, the value of your lifetime subscription will kick in very quickly with much more regular releases, open channels of communication, productivity coaching and the ability to effect which features are added next.

What if I don't have the time to get involved with the community?

More than fine. It is not compulsory and you will still get a lot of value.

Is this risk-free?

Completely. You aren't locked into anything and you stand only to gain more features from an exclusive one-time offer lifetime membership. Plus you can unsubscribe from our communications at any point if you lose interest, but how could you lose interest in the productivity tool you helped build?

What am I getting if I sign up today?

  • Never pay for focus booster again.
  • Vote on your 3 most desired features today, to define what we build first.
  • Give further input that will define focus booster's direction in the future through polls and surveys.
  • Productivity coaching and advice through the Slack channel.
  • Immediate access to our focus booster Slack channel and Trello board.
  • Regular email updates on our activity… complete visibility, you will be an investor, after all!

Pretty sweet, right?!

Join us now... unless you have more questions? Then just email us!