Improve focus and boost productivity with a simple pomodoro app.

Life is crazy enough, simplify your productivity journey and start turning to-dos into have-dones in 25-minutes. Know exactly where your time goes and finish your day feeling good about what you have achieved.

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Achieve high quality work, sooner

Break your tasks into manageable 25-minute blocks with the pomodoro timer, creating laser sharp focus and keeping distractions at bay.

Stay focused, and on track

Improve your estimates for future tasks or projects based on past achievements, so you never feel overwhelmed by your to-do list again.

Track your time and analyse it

Add context to sessions with labels. focus booster saves sessions to your timesheets so you can see a round-up of where your time goes.

Visualise progress with detailed reports

Our reports will help you determine your most productive day of the week, create invoices by tracking your billable hours and analyse where your time goes.

Create a healthy work/life balance

Busy ≠ productive. focus booster encourages a healthy work/life balance with focused work and regular breaks, leaving plenty of energy to pursue your hobbies.

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A fresh take on what simple time tracking should be

With a design overhaul, refined time tracking and improved functionality, the new focus booster app streamlines user experience to enhance your productivity.

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