Pomodoro time tracking, simplified for you

Do you love focus booster but, wish for some refined bells and whistles?

Record sessions without an internet connection, automatic long break or edit your labels?

...Now you can!

focus booster V4.0 is built for convenience, speed and many small improvements

to help streamline your every day time tracking.

Stay focused, alert and resist the unimportant things

View the timer count from anywhere

Using the web app and not sure how long you have left in a session?

Check the timer's progress with the browser tab count down.

Daily progress at a glance

No need to view your timesheets to see today's progress.

The today icon shows your daily pomodoro count. Open the icon to see a list of your completed tasks for today.

Long breaks, keeping you refreshed

Until recently, you had to remember when to take your long break. Not anymore!

After every four sessions, a 20-minute break will trigger. But it's flexible! Adjust the length, or timing in your preferences.

Track time and stay accountable, everywhere

Never miss the end of a session or break

If you rely on audio alerts to signal a completed session, you can start to tune it out.

Enable browser notifications so focus booster can trigger an alert when your session and breaks are done.

Record sessions from anywhere

Previously, poor or no internet connection meant your sessions wouldn't save.

Now you can record sessions in all network conditions! Your sessions are stored to save when you're back online.

In-flight pomodoros, here we come!

Easily manage data; time entries, clients and lables

View and manage time entries

Previously, you could only view time entries on a day-by-day basis.

Now, you can view by day, week, month or any period to analyse completed tasks.

Editing, deleting or reallocating sessions is easier than ever!

Create, edit and delete labels

Previously, there was no way to manage your labels, let alone keep track of every label you've ever created!

Now you can edit, create, delete or disable labels within label management.

Manage your client list and hourly rates

Manage your client line up and make sure you're paid fairly for your time with hourly rates and revenue tracking.

Keep only active clients visible and delete or archive past clients to ensure your session history is kept safe.

Don't put your goals off any longer.

Free 30-day pro trial.