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May 2020 - The new focus booster app

We're thrilled to announce that some of focus booster's long awaited features are on their way, and will be delivered to a device near you soon!

The new app is smarter, more beautiful and a fresh take on what simple time tracking should be.

We've been working closely with some avid users over the last few months to release this exciting new functionality inside focus booster, and we can't wait for you to try. Here's what's new...

Get the full pomodoro experience

Automatic long break

One of the few rules of the pomodoro technique is the long break. Now, focus booster will automatically trigger a 20-minute break for you after four sessions but both are editable and optional.

Notification reminders

Opt-in to receive pop-up notifications, giving you reassurance you will never miss the end of your session or break.

Browser tab count down

You're working away in a state of productivity flow, wondering how far into a session you are. The browser tab count down ensures you always know how much time is remaining.

Session notes

Introducing session notes! At the end of each session, include as much detail as you like about what you worked so you know exactly what you did and what you accomplished.

focus booster pomodoro timer features

Get the most out of your day

Pomodoro count

Get a boost of motivation by checking the pomodoros you've recorded for the day. We've made this easy... The pomodoro count lives at the top of your timer screen so you can always see your progress.

Today list

Get fast progress updates. View everything you have completed today, without even leaving the timer, just click on your pomodoro count.

Session replay

Revisiting a task you worked on earlier is now easy. In your today list, hit the play button next to the session you want to revisit and your timer will start, populating the client, label and session length.

Never lose a session

Sometimes you need to disconnect, or the internet drops out. Now, offline sessions will be added to your today list and when you come online again, all you need to do is save them.

focus booster today list features

Improved functionality

Time entries

Every pomodoro session your record is saved into the newly designed time entries report, so you can review your progress. Filter your session data by timeframe, edit time entries or add new ones. You can even export your data into a .CSV file.

Label management screen

Labels help you to set each pomodoro session a part. Now, we have a dedicated hub for you to delete, archive or edit your labels so you only have the most relevant ones at your finger tips.

Navigation menu

Quickly navigate your way throughout focus booster with the new, simplified navigation menu on the left side of your screen at all times.

Installable on all devices

Use focus booster anywhere, anytime has never been so easy. Use all focus booster features on any browser or device.

Stay in the loop

Sign up

The current focus booster web app is still up and running. You are free to sign up and start your new pomodoro time tracking journey now. Keep an eye out in your inbox for the official launch of the new app in the coming weeks.

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Become a beta tester

If you are passionate about time tracking and boosting your productivity with a pomodoro app, then we want to hear from you! You can stay in touch with us while testing in focus booster's slack channel.

To join, send us a message in the help icon and we'll be in touch.