Welcome to focus booster NEXT

The team have been buckling down to bring you our new and improved app, focus booster NEXT.

We are excited to get you into the new app, and we know you are too.

But before you hit play on your first session and explore those brand-spanking new features, please read this page to familiarise yourself with focus booster NEXT or, jump right in!

Why the improvement

This year focus booster turned 10 years old and our last major overhaul was about 5 years ago.

Over the years, the feature requests have come in thick and fast from users across various backgrounds, students, employees, freelancers, teams, you name it. This demonstrated to us just how broad our audience was, and how these different features could enhance our offering even more.

We have watched focus booster become a life changing tool for many subscribers. focus booster NEXT has become an exciting project for our developers to work towards, and your contribution has allowed us to take focus booster to the next level!

What has changed

focus booster has come a long way in 10 years, from a little pomodoro timer to the intuitive time tracking and performance reporting app it is today.

The new version has all your current favourite features, but now includes some new additions:

In app pomodoro count

You have been using focus booster all day and want to see your progress. At the moment, you can only view this by logging into the web app.

Now, you will have a counter in the top right corner of the app at all times, so you can always see exactly how productive you are being. This counts only full pomodoro sessions, if you stop a session early it will save to HQ (the old web app), but, it will not show in your session count.

In app session list

In the mobile and desktop apps there is no visibility of what you have worked on, without logging into the web app and visiting your timesheets.

Now, to see a session list, all you will have to do is click on the pomodoro count to view what you have worked on throughout the day.

The symbols on the left represent:

  • Saved incomplete pomodoro - Green circle without a tick

  • Saved complete pomodoro - Green circle with a tick

  • Unsaved incomplete pomodoro - Red incomplete circle (not pictured)

  • Unsaved complete pomodoro - Red circle with tick

Offline support

Sometimes you need to turn off your phone and disconnect from the internet when you have a deadline to meet. Previously you could not save a session without an internet connection.

Now, all offline sessions will be added to your pomodoro log and when you are online again, you will be able to save them. In-flight pomodoros here we come!

HTML 5 notifications

You can now opt-in to receive pop-up notifications in addition to/or in place of audio notifications. Giving you that extra reassurance you will never miss the end of your session or break.

Browser tab count-down

See where you are at in a session quickly, with the browser timer count-down.

Long break

As the pomodoro technique instructs, after your fourth pomodoro session you should take a longer break of 20 minutes to refresh your mind.

Now, your pomodoro timer will automatically instruct you when the time has come!

In your session preferences, you can customise the frequency at which you schedule your long break. You can disable long break if you do not wish to use it.

Session replay

For the tasks that you may need to revisit at a later point in the day. Just hit the play button!

From the new in app session list, you can easily replay a previous session, hit play and your client/label fields will be populated! Starting a pomodoro has never been so easy.

Bug fixes

We know they exist so, any bugs that you may have alerted us to, have been rectified in the new version.

Such as:

  • Duplicate clients

  • Symbols and emojis in labels

  • Time formatting

The new label management screen

In focus booster HQ you didn't have a way to view all your labels in one place and it was difficult to edit and delete labels, especially when they were allocated to a number of sessions across different dates.

We have streamlined the way you manage your labels, by dedicating a whole screen to it!

The new label management screen lives under the menu icon located at the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Edit existing labels

Editing labels in HQ takes about 10 clicks, we've made it much simpler in NEXT. In the label management screen, click on the text, edit the label and hit enter to save.

Create a new label

You can still create a new label from the timer interface. But now, you can easily create a new label on the label management screen as well. Just click the '+' icon in the top right-hand corner, name your label and hit enter.

Delete a label with zero sessions

Visit the label management screen and hit the bin icon alongside the label you want to delete.

Delete a label with one or more sessions

On the label management screen, hit the bin icon alongside the label you wish to delete and a pop-up will appear with the option to:

  1. Merge these sessions to another existing label

  2. Leave the field blank to remove the label

  3. Or create a new label right from this pop-up

Disable labels

Disable selected labels from the label management screen, so they aren't visible in your drop-down list on the timer interface. Just toggle the blue button to the right of a label to switch it off. This is great to avoid sifting through a long list of labels.

You might disable a label for a project that is on hold, a client that you aren't working with at the moment or a label that you are no longer using but would still like to see in historical reporting.

Features still in the works

Pomodoro planning

Keep track of all your to-dos, and plan out your pomodoro sessions with an in app to-do list.

When you are ready, hit the play button next to the task you want to start and your pomodoros will be marked off at the end of a completed session.

Session comments and notes

While you are working on a task, sometimes notes need to be taken. You hit a roadblock and need to make a note of this to refer back to later, or let a client know.

Now, not only will you be able to keep a record of your to-do list, but you will be able to store session notes in one place. Making your focus booster account more personalised than ever.

Count up timer

Depending on what you do for work, sometimes a job requires your attention for a longer period of time, or, maybe 25minutes work isn't enough to get you over the line into complete for a task.

With the count up timer, all you need to do is hit play and get the job done! Remember to keep taking your regular breaks.

Time entries

This will include the session export and an explanded view of the current timesheet page.

Performance reporting

We are building on from what the current version of reporting looks like to make this even more flexible.

Weekly email reports

Receive weekly email reports directly to your inbox with a detailed run down of how many sessions you completed, total time spent and what your most productive day was!

A few things to remember before you get started

  • Save the URL to your browser favourites, so you don't forget it.

  • Your login details will be the same as what you use for focus booster now.

  • All sessions completed on NEXT, will be recorded in focus booster HQ (the web app) the same as before. Access it for full time entries and performance reporting, until we have rebuilt this in NEXT.

  • NEXT is compatible with most browsers. However, it does not work on IE as of yet. This will be rectified soon.

  • We are still working on the new version, so from time to time you will notice new features appear. We will update this page to help you understand them better.

  • Clients are always on in NEXT for now, even if you have them disabled in HQ. You don't have to enter one though. Or, you might like to take this opportunity to start using them, even if it is for projects or something not client related.

  • You can use the app in offline at the moment but only if you don't need to contact the server to load a client or label, this will be improved in the future.

What you will need to continue to visit HQ for

The developers are in the process of rebuilding the reporting aspect of focus booster.

So, there are a few reasons why you will need to visit the old web app for:

  • Session reporting/ timesheets

  • Entering manual sessions

  • Create/manage clients

  • Export session reports

Chat with us!

While focus booster NEXT is still a work in progress, we welcome all feedback both positive and negative. Please be 100% honest and raise any issues you might have, such as bugs.

To contact us, just click on the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen at any time. Along with your message, be sure to send us screen shots, videos and detailed notes of what you are experiencing so we can rectify theses issues as quickly as possible.

Our team is located in Australia and unfortunately we cannot respond immediately, at all times. Your detailed feedback will ensure a smooth and easy process for the both of us, and our developers can get to the bottom of your issues quickly, meaning less time on bugs and more time on new features!