Sky rocket your freelancing career with focus booster NEXT

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On the surface, freelancing is everyone's dream job.

Work on your own terms, earn your ideal income, do the work you want to do and forget about picking up after slack coworkers.

But, as the author of The Psychology of Wealth, Charles Richard said, "Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year, while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.

As a freelancer, your success boils down to how well you manage your time.

While working from the comfort of your own home is desirable, you can quickly forget about the challenge of managing your time effectively, so you can stay on top of client work and keep consistency in your invoicing.

That's where focus booster NEXT and its new freelancer specific features can help you skyrocket not only your productivity, but your business too.

In app pomodoro count

Track your progress with the new pomodoro counter, so you can always see exactly how productive you are.

In app session list

View a list of tasks you have worked on so far today, only one click to view your session list.

Offline support

For the days you need to disconnect from the internet and focus. You can now record all of your sessions offline. In-flight pomodoros here we come!

HTML 5 notifications

Receive desktop notifications for that extra reassurance to never miss the end of your session or break.

Browser tab count-down

See where you are in a session quickly with the browser timer count-down.

Long break

Never before has a pomodoro timer followed the technique so closely. Now, the timer will automatically instruct you when the time has come to take a long break!

Session replay

When you need to revisit a task from earlier in the day, take a look at your session list and hit the play button to replay a session.

Weekly performance email

Receive weekly email reports directly to your inbox with a detailed run down of how many sessions you completed, total time spent and what your most productive day was!

In 10 years, focus booster has worked wonders for the freelancing community

The freelancing community makes up 50% of focus boosters audience.

So, you are not alone in the search for a tool to help you stay on track, keep your clients happy and demonstrate where all your hard work goes so you can invoice for your time down to the very last minute.

Here are some of their stories:

"focus booster is the perfect app to bring clarity into how you are using your time."

Jamil - Software Developer

“I absolutely love Focus Booster. I use it to keep myself focused on my goals every day. Watching my revenue grow as I stay more focused improves my productivity even more. I can't imagine ever working without it now! Thank you!”

Andrea - Copywriter

The deal with focus booster NEXT

This year focus booster turned 10 years-old. Over the years, the feature requests have come in thick and fast but now with the release of focus booster NEXT and it's long list of new workflow-changing features, we are excited to see the greatness NEXT can do for you!

Beat the price rise!

With more great features, a price increase is sure to follow. But you can beat is by subscribing soon!

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The professional plan

For full time freelancers wanting to track their time closely and manage work across your client base, the professional plan is for you!

The plan includes:

  • Record and save unlimited sessions per month

  • Manage client work and track your revenue

  • Analyse your sessions at the end of each week to find out how productive you have been

  • Export data via a CSV file to demonstrate to your clients exactly where all your time was spent

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Our pomodoro tips for you this week

You have been signed up to focus booster for a little while now.

You know what the pomodoro technique entails and how it can supercharge your productivity through the power of time management.

While the flow of 25 minutes work may not suit everybody, did you know you can personalise your pomodoros to suit you?

  1. Alter the length of your pomodoro session

  2. For example, you are working on a task that requires deep focus.

    While 25 minutes may not be optimal for everyone, try adjusting your timer to an hour instead. Knuckle down and get to work.

    Identifying your focus periods will take some initial trial and error, but you’ll eventually find your rhythm.

  3. Use your household chores to define your pomodoro length

  4. For instance, get some work done between the time you put your laundry in the washer and take it out from the dryer.

  5. Set up musical timers

  6. Did you know music can boost your productivity significantly? If you’re a music enthusiast, set up a play list with 25 minutes worth of tunes as your pomodoro timer.

  7. Shift the focus to your state of flow

  8. Say you are in a state of focus flow. Your timer goes off and you think, "But, I'm not done yet."

    Once your pomodoro is finished, do a quick assessment. Should you take the break or continue working?

    Keep in mind that breaks are critical for your performance and focus but, sometimes all it takes is a further5-10minutes to get the job done before committing to a break.

  9. Be flexible with your breaks

  10. On the days where your focus cannot keep up, stop what you are doing and recognise the signs. Do you feel emotionally exhausted? Tired and unmotivated?

    Consider taking longer or more frequent breaks. While you might feel like you aren't as productive as normal, you definitely won't achieve greater work by half-assing a job.

We'd love to have you around!

In a world where we seem to wear "busy" as a badge of honour, it is important to remember that being busy, doesn't mean you are being productive.

The focus booster team have one goal in mind and that is to help you become the most productive version of yourself through the power of focus boosters features.

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