Focus booster is for work

Want to prove your worth at work? Use focus booster and you will be 'employee of the month' next!

employee, noun

You work in an office, there are always many distractions to contend with but you aim to be better at your job and progress your career. Focus booster can help you.

Focus booster will make you work faster

Manage your time at work using focus booster. Work in sessions with regular breaks to keep you fresh. Remove all distractions during the sessions; including interruptions from colleagues, emails, internet and clients. Dealing with them in a separate session will allow you to maintain focus on the task at hand, finishing it sooner and to a higher quality.

Time sheets will be a breeze

Track your time at work to help you complete your company’s time sheets or just to be aware of where you are spending the bulk of your time.

There is no question that focus booster will lift your productivity through the roof.

Pay rise or promotion, you choose

Use focus booster’s reporting to talk to your boss about your job. You could recommend improvements in tools to gain efficiency, for example, you might be able to replace one of your jobs with a piece of software, the cost of which will be far less than the cost of you over a period of time. Freeing you up for far more interesting things! You could show how much time you have spent working on tasks that are above and beyond your job description, a good case for a pay rise! Not to mention this proactive approach is sure to get you in line for a promotion soon.

Invest in your future, sign up for focus booster HQ today!