Focus booster is for students

Party time, excellent! Well maybe not quite, but if you use focus booster, you will have more time to have a little fun in between studying.

student, noun

You are studying, paving the way for a bright and successful future, but it is all you can do to fend off procrastination, to put your head down, butt up and just study.

Less work and more play

Life is too short to study all day, make the most of your study time, make it productive, so you have more time party with your mates or at least a do an occasional sudoku!

Re-charge your memory bank, learn faster

Focus booster allows you to manage your time while you study. Working in sharp bursts with breaks in between can help you retain information because it allows your mind a rest, increasing your focus in study sessions.

Be academic

Get scientific about your study through time tracking. Record which projects you are working on so you can analyse it through focus booster’s reports and dashboard. This will allow you to see which areas you spend most time on, the projects that you found simpler than others and identify the subjects you might need to focus on.

Use focus booster to implement the Pomodoro Technique and analyse the way you study. It is guaranteed to improve your productivity. Sign up to focus booster and make study fun or at least more productive!