Focus booster is for freelancers

Freelancers crave freedom, but keeping track of time is a must (and a drag). Take control of time and be free, use focus booster.

freelancer, noun

You are independent and happy in the independence you have when working for yourself. You sell your time at a set rate and need to provide high quality output in return. With every invoice comes the expectation of productivity with visible results.

Manage your time with focus booster and get more time

Many freelancers find there is never enough time in the day, or the week and the tendency to work late and on weekends is sometimes hard to resist when there is a deadline to meet. Focus booster will help iron out time management issues on your freelance jobs. It ensures you are focused during a session but the breaks help to keep you fresh, jump up and walk around, get a little house work done or grab that well deserved coffee!

Time tracking is paramount to being a freelancer, to ensure you can invoice accurately, you want to be paid for every hour you spend. All freelancers are guilty of wrongly charging because they forgot when they started or for not being very productive while they are charging. There is no better way to record your time and stay productive then using focus booster, the Pomodoro sessions keep you focused and fresh and focus booster HQ will automatically record the time you have worked.

Visualise your productivity

Freelance time reporting is available at the click of a button in focus booster. You can see how many sessions you worked for each client, which day of the week is your most productive, how much revenue you make on any given day and more.

Streamline freelancing and be free

Freelance productivity can be hard to attain because there are so many distractions in the world, from the housework to the internet. Using focus booster you will improve your own personal productivity and the make the running and administration of your business more productive. What are you waiting for! Sign up to focus booster HQ today.