Focus booster is for consultants

Are you a consultant, tearing your hair out because there is never enough time in the day? Never fear, focus booster is here!

consultant, noun

You sell your specialised skills, your advice, your knowledge. Your time is valuable, so you want to be able to work efficiently and productively when you do get to sit down at your desk.

Consultant time management

Time management is an important part of anyone’s day but as a consultant you are in demand. Using focus booster, you can time your appointments and meetings or complete your work in sessions, all while staying focused.

Improved productivity with focus booster

Focus booster will deal with time, so you can deal with your workload.

The time tracking capabilities of focus booster mean that you no longer need to keep time sheets, your sessions are automatically saved back to HQ. This will save you time and give you instant data on your consulting activities. Woo hoo! Not always working at a computer? For any activities you do outside of focus booster sessions, you can manually add the time to focus booster HQ, so all your time is recorded in the one place.

Analyse your day, week or month using focus booster reports and dashboard. Find out where you wasted too much time, which projects took longer than expected and when you are at your most productive.

Save time and money

As a consultant improving your productivity is always a high priority. Focus booster allows you to do this in a way that reduces the time you spend tracking time and performing administration tasks for invoicing. Sign up to focus booster now and get on top of work.