Focus booster is for businesses

Want to know how many hours of productive work you get from your employees in a day? Focus booster can help!

business, noun

Engaged in an activity for commercial gain, it is important that those people who work in a business are productive, to achieve the end goal of making profit.

Focus booster for more productive employees

Focus booster will increase staff productivity exponentially. Short sharp bursts of focused and uninterrupted work with regular breaks to keep staff fresh is a brilliant way to improve the output of your business. Focus booster enables individuals to have visibility of where time goes through session reporting and dashboards. It makes filling out time sheets simple, taking the guess work out of it.

Need to manage freelancers and consultants?

This is the must have tool for individuals who contract their time because it is a simple yet in-depth record of where time is spent. As the person paying the bills you want your freelancers and consultants to be using focus booster because it means that you can have accurate reporting sent to you with their invoices and see where every moment went to get your deliverables. It removes the opportunity to charge for time not well spent and encourages accurate invoicing.

Improve productivity

Focus booster will lift your business's productivity through the roof. Invest now to measure your employee and contractor productivity. You will notice the difference. Sign up for a focus booster trial today.