Designed to make you do more

Use focus booster to apply the pomodoro technique, over come distractions, maintain focus, stay fresh and still finish work on time.

Simple and lightweight digital implementation of the pomodoro technique.

Choose your theme

Dark and light themes give you the flexibiilty to use a timer that suits your work style.

Work with time

Use the unobtrusive mini timer to monitor your session progress.

Learn to break the cycle of distraction and accomplish more.

Overcome distractions

For every interruption it is proven to take up to 25 minutes to get back on course. Use focus booster and learn to break the cycle.

Save incomplete sessions

If you have an unavoidable interruption you can save the time you have completed so far... or for the pomodoro aficionado you can void it but the choice is yours.

Time tracking made even easier, never do a timesheet again.

Instant timesheets

Record your focus booster sessions and your timesheets are created automatically. No more fuss.

Manual time entry

Having one of 'those days' and forgot to start a session? Need to record a meeting? Create manual entries with the click of a button.

Get deep understanding of your work cycles and further improve productivity.

Know where the day went

Total visibility of where you spent your time and made your revenue on a pleasing dashboard.

Quick and easy reporting

Total accountability of your time, share these reports or use them to create invoices in seconds.

Productivity in your pocket.

Productivity that goes where you go

Stick to your plan, stay motivated,
everywhere you go.

Most simple time tracking, ever

focus booster is the most simple, effective pomodoro timer, helping you finish your day with a sense of accomplishment.

"As an easily distracted person, focus booster helps me build and grow my business. It enables me to maintain my focus on tasks and track time spent in total on those tasks or clients.”


Everything you need to be productive

Pomodoro timer

Work in short sharp bursts followed by short breaks, to be most effective.

Time tracking

Take the headache out of time tracking and time sheets.


Know where you spent every minute. Use it to become more productive.


Customize session length, notification preferences and more to fit your workflow.

Mini timer

Know when your next break is with the always on top mini timer.

Manual time entry

Enter meetings and tasks after they occur by creating a manual session.


Filter by date, client or label to analyze the work you do.

Multi platform

Available online or through the desktop app on Mac and Windows.


Use a CSV export to create simple invoices and reports for clients or management.

Don't put your goals off any longer.

Free 30-day pro trial.