The focus booster team's gold working from home tips

The focus booster team have been working from home (WFH) for a combined 16.5 years, so we know a few things about how to be your most effective and efficient self when working remotely.

Below, we each give you our best tips for being your most productive-self when working from home


WFH duration: Six years

favourite thing about WFH: No commute

Background noise and rewards

I think having some noise helps to avoid loneliness and I think taking breaks to reward yourself are super important. Pomodoro long breaks, for example (but I don't always take them).

Schedule your distractions

If you have something that you're easily distracted by, do it first thing. For example, make a Pomodoro to go through socials or whatever, that way, you're less likely to want to go back there again when you should be working.

focus booster team home office


WFH duration: Six years

favourite thing about WFH: The flexibility to do things when I want to

Mix it up

Sometimes, I just need a change of scenery. I like to move into the living room or the backyard for an hour or so to incite some creativity or even just focus if I am feeling a bit distracted.

Plan, plan, plan

I have to do my plan for the day. If I don't my day is a hot mess. I jump around, don't achieve what is really important and feel crappy at the end of the day because of it. I always plan in pomodoros. It makes it super easy to see exactly what I achieved and where I might have failed in my planning. If you don't plan, you have nothing to measure progress against and you can't improve.

Dogs have more fun

Having an office pet definitely doesn't hurt! Astro is still only a fresh addition to our workplace but a good pat or a play session will drain the stress away.

Office pet, Astro the mini schnauzer


WFH duration: 16 months

favourite thing about WFH: The freedom to create a space just right for me. To spark creativity, have as many plants as I like and above all else, I can't blame other employees if I get distracted. It's all on me.

Fuel your body

A lot of people can probably relate to this but, a bad eating day calls for poor brain function, and the effects can be noticeable fast. If I don't eat enough through the day, I feel groggy.

Stick to your routine

Curate a very strict and regular morning routine. My routine between 5:30am to 8:00am sets the tone for my entire day, right up until I go to bed. As an active person who trains every day, if I don't train one morning and choose to sleep in, I am far less productive that day and my attention span, when working on a task, declines faster than normal.

Home office with greenery and natual light


WFH duration: Three years

favourite thing about WFH: No public transport (they only ever clean buses once a week).

Clean and green

Keeping a clean, natural desk helps e.g plants, small fish tank.

Keep it natural

Lots of natural light.


Set your router up right next to your desk for perfect internet speeds 💯

Working remotely with lots of natural light and fish tank

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