Email updates

At Focus Booster we know it is a privilege to be in contact with you and if you entrust your email address to us, we want you to know exactly how we will use it;

  • We have a series of onboarding emails to help you learn to use focus booster during your trial.
  • We will email you from time to time with product updates.
  • We occasionally get in touch to ask you for feedback on the product (this might be once during your trial and not more than once a year after that).
  • In future we want to give you the option to get weekly or monthly email reports on your focus booster productivity, but we aren't quite there yet.
  • You can always opt out of our communications.

We also want you to know exactly how we won't use your email address;

  • We won't share it with anyone else, and we mean no one.

We love our privacy, so we will always protect yours. Thanks for using focus booster!

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