Welcome to our blog!

If you want to get more done, there are certain habits you have to master to find your productivity groove.

But building habits, good ones, and sticking to them is never simple, or is it?

Today it just became easier, because focus booster is proud and excited to announce our brand new blog is live.

Making productivity a habit

We aim to guide you to productivity. To help you deliver high-quality work, efficiently, while allowing you to have the energy to achieve everything in life, not just the necessary.

focus booster and the blog, together, are a vehicle for your success. We will share the best ways to get the most out of focus booster and the pomodoro technique, how to achieve that elusive work/life balance and what you need to do to find the perfect blend of quality and quantity. To make you your best.

Ultimately we will show you a variety of ways to harness productivity because who couldn't do with an extra hour or two in their day? Especially when it frees up time to chase long imagined goals.

Pomodoro session counts

Speaking of goals, it has been a long-imagined dream for us to put this blog live. We wanted to build it ourselves but eventually realized our development resource was far more integral to the improvement of our apps (at this early stage) so we used Ghost to get started, editing the Casper theme to put our own spin on it. For those who are interested, it took an HTML/CSS novice 35 pomodoro sessions to customize the look and feel.

Throughout the blog you will continue to see a pomodoro session count against each blog post and any other tasks we undertake where we feel knowing the a pomodoro count would benefit or be of interest to you.

Building a community

We have some interesting blog posts and series planned for focus booster. We are particularly looking forward to our Journey to 100,000 Sessions series, in which we aim to grow the monthly session count for focus booster from 45,000 to 100,000. Keep an eye out for that one! Working together as a community, it will be an exciting challenge both for us as a tool and you as a focus booster user to aim for optimum productivity.

Ultimately we are building a community around focus booster. To enable us to create connections with you, our readers, and foster your success through education and conversation.

Written in 5 pomodoro sessions this is our warm and excited welcome to the focus booster blog.