Our roadmap to making your life easier

Productivity isn't just a tool; it is the right tool, the one that gives you all the options you need while still being easy to use.

It will aid you in achieving things; big things, small things, important things and mundane but necessary things.

The best productivity tools encourage you to use your will-power and intelligence to succeed. They don't shut out life; they help you focus.

For this you need something simple but flexible that motivates you to achieve. We built focus booster on this exact premise, and it is the same approach we take to adding the many new features we have planned over the next 12 months.

We are excited to share our very own roadmap. It is interactive because we want your input to help drive the future direction of focus booster. So please get in there and vote or comment. You can even add tasks to the board, just email us with your lightbulb ideas (make sure it isn't already there to vote on first!).

Looking to the future

The best part of all this is that focus booster is growing and becoming more robust and know we can do an even better job with your help! On the roadmap you will be able to see;

  • The features and versions we are currently working on
  • The features we have planned next
  • Any new feature requests we have had and if they are under consideration or otherwise
  • Details about each feature
  • How many votes each feature has had

We encourage you to vote for the features you would most like to see in focus booster. Your votes will help drive our development strategy, and voting is the best way to get your desired features in sooner.

focus booster has always been simple (and it always will be); our roadmap includes new optional and unobtrusive features to make your focus booster experience more customizable and your life even more productive.

Get involved today!

Keeping you focused, fresh and getting more done. These are the things focus booster will help you do better so, please visit the roadmap and contribute to our exciting ideas or vote on the features you most want to see next!

Written in 4 pomodoro sessions, this has been an introduction to the future of focus booster via our roadmap. The roadmap was created in 7 pomodoro sessions but is the result of many hundreds of sessions worth of emails with focus booster users, brainstorming and planning!