In 2010 focus booster began. It was developed as a way to bring some much needed focus and productivity into a digital agency because the internet is distracting!

Scott, the developer behind focus booster stumbled across the Pomodoro Technique, the principles of which he thought were ace.

He decided to build an app to implement the technique in a way that would be useful to his fabulous but easily distracted employees (really, it was mainly for himself!). Digital was at the crux of everything the business was about, everyone worked on designing, building and managing websites, so he built an app.

Little did we realise that four years later focus booster would still be going strong. Really strong. Without any attention it was still growing and downloads were more than 300 per day. And we decided that because it wouldn’t die, it was time to improve it…

We have huge plans for focus booster and want focus booster HQ to raise some revenue to enable us to spend more time achieving these goals.

The original focus booster was a digital implementation of the Pomodoro Technique, more specifically that tomato timer which is so widely associated with the technique. Now, we proudly unveil the new focus booster, which is more than just a digital timer. The creation of focus booster HQ means it is also a log for sessions, a time tracking system, a reporting system and the beginning of a client and project management system. Focus booster HQ allows you to take the Pomodoro Technique to the next level (and beyond), using stats to improve your productivity and measure progress. We love that!

The Pomodoro Technique is no longer just a time management technique to us. Many people swear by it and we think people will see real value in using it to run their businesses and plan their days. So, we aim to extend focus booster even further, this will be achieved by creating more pricing tiers. We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves but the next level we want to work on will provide users with the ability to use focus booster HQ as a planning and organisational tool and for those of you running businesses, give the ability to invoice clients using your pomodoro session data.

We are now a small team, working to improve focus booster. Scott is still here, coding away, with a little support from a few people but mainly Alice, to tie together the website, social and of course customer support. The best news is, we are consultants and freelancers too, so we know how we want a product like focus booster to work! Drop us a line, we love to hear your feedback.

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