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Achieve productivity with simple, charming, insightful time tracking

Life is crazy enough, simplify your productivity journey and start turning to-dos into have-dones in 25-minutes. The new focus booster is the tool you need to inspire success every day.

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Do more and have fun

Power through distractions with laser focus. Get things done in short bursts, all while taking frequent breaks. Focus booster makes the pomodoro technique digital.

Stay focused

Sometimes we need a little help to stay on task, especially that task you can't quite bring yourself to start.

Simple time tracking

Gain clarity into how you are using your time. Pomodoro sessions are automatically recorded so you can review your output to improve productivity or track client work.

Improve productivity

Achieve more in a day and be more satisfied with your achievements, knowing you have used your time wisely. Use our dashboard to visualize progress and rhythm and improve your productivity.

Balance your goals

Spend time working toward all your goals; work, life, fitness and more. Focus booster makes you accountable and provides insight into how much time you actually dedicate to your goals.

Online, Windows, Mac and mobile

Be productive everywhere. You can use focus booster on any computer or mobile. Sign-up and get started.

Don't put your goals off any longer.

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