Are you wasting time?

Spending half the day replying to emails?...

Watch too many cat videos or read too many blogs?...

Have no idea where the day goes?...


Focus booster will keep track of where your time goes, but even better...
It will make you get more done.

No credit card required

Instant focus

Based on the pomodoro technique, focus booster will empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions. Stay focused and fresh to get more done.

Farewell timesheets

Keeping track of your time has never been simpler. Sessions are automatically recorded in your timesheets so you no longer have the headache of trying to recall where your time went.

Better work habits

Use simple dashboard reporting to visualise progress and rhythm to help further improve your productivity. Quickly generate invoices or reports from CSV exports to share with clients and managers.

Get your life back

Discover work/life balance. Finish your work more quickly and thoroughly, breaks will keep you fresh and reports will measure progress and productivity to help you find areas for improvement. Live.

Online, Windows and Mac

Be productive everywhere. You can use the focus booster timer on any computer by downloading the desktop timer or by signing in online.

Try it free for 15 days

focus booster is just $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year (that is two months on us!)

For less than the price of one coffee per month you can learn to manage distractions, find your focus and achieve productivity.