Instant, measurable productivity has never been more affordable.

Features FreeAUD $0 / month BasicAUD $2.99 / month or AUD $29.99 / year
Free trial HQ trial
Implement the pomodoro technique
Desktop timer Live timer Desktop timer Live timer
Client and session labeling
Time tracking
Data retention 3 days unlimited unlimited
Please note: free accounts can’t sign-in to focus booster HQ from the desktop client

The focus booster timer is as free as a cool summer breeze but once you get into the groove of this digital implementation of the Pomodoro Technique you are going to want to measure your progress and productivity and that is why you need focus booster HQ.

Focus booster HQ has many wicked features. It synchronizes with your focus booster timer to record sessions, automatically recording all sessions in your HQ timesheet. HQ also offers extensive reporting and instant statistics on your working day, week, month and beyond.

To subscribe to focus booster HQ, you need only part with $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year (that is paying the price of 10 months and actually getting 12). This is all after a free, no strings attached, 15 day trial too.

When focus booster HQ and the timer work together you have digital time management, instant productivity and reduced admin costs, all for less than the cost of one coffee per month. Sign up now!