Making the pomodoro technique productive

Focus booster is a digital implementation of the pomodoro technique, it is simpler and less intrusive. The timer runs through a colour sequence, giving an awesome visual cue to keep track of time.

Focus booster makes the Pomodoro Technique productive

Our mini timer is always on top

This sweet minified version of the timer is available in the desktop app version. There is even a setting to automatically minimise the large timer when the mini timer is open, just double click to get it back.

Focus booster's mini timer is always on top

Can't install? Try focus booster live

Whether you are always using different machines or you can't install on your work machine, we have built focus booster live into HQ so everyone can always boost their focus. It will soon be responsive too.

Focus booster live is available everywhere you have an internet connection

Sweet preference options

Change your session and break lengths. Race against that ticking clock, or turn it off (ticking is only available in the desktop timer). Set notifications to remind you to take your breaks and get back to work!

Focus booster timer has plenty of customisable preferences to build the timer you want to work with

Simple time tracking

There are two options of timer, desktop app and or online in focus booster HQ, both require just one click to start. If you are syncing with HQ enter your client and session label first and you are ready to go.

Focus booster makes time tracking simple, so much so it is almost fun

Synchronization makes timesheets fun

Yep, you read it! Fun in the best possible way, no more timesheet entry. Automatic synchronization works with the desktop timer and the live timer when you are signed into focus booster HQ. Woo hoo!

Focus booster timer can synchronize with focus booster HQ automatically

Whoops, working without starting a session…

No problems, we have manual time entry too. So, even if you do a half hour of billable work, you can enter it after the fact in focus booster HQ.

Focus booster HQ also allows for manual time entry

Real time, useable data

Assign a client and session label to each pomodoro session so you can track exactly what you have been working on. Making it super easy to invoice and that is worth it!

Focus booster collects real, well labeled data that can be used for reporting

Measurable productivity

The pomodoro technique is all about being productive but focus booster makes that productivity measurable, instantly.

Focus booster allows you to measure you productivity

Session reporting for visibility

Pick a timeframe, run a session report, filter it by client or label. Now you can see how long that project really took and where the time actually went.

Focus booster session reporting is filterable and timeframes are customisable

CSV export for invoicing and reporting

From your session report, export a CSV and customize it into a report or invoice. Easy.

Export CSVs of all sessions from focus booster for reporting and invoicing

Dashboards, plain and simple

Beautifully presented graphs to show productivity over customizable timeframes. Oh and did we mention they are instant!

Focus booster dashboards present your progress beautifully