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Version 1.3 is almost ready for beta testing!

Published Date: 8 July 2013

As we said in the last post we have be busily re-building focus booster. It has taken a little longer than we would have hoped because it hasn’t been updated in a while. So we have taken the opportunity to upgrade the framework but we are nearly there! Read on to find out very nearly completed updates and future plans...

It is looking really good and because of the new framework looks much more consistent with what it will be in the mobile version. The framework upgrade will make all future updates much easier to deploy over both platforms - everything you have on the desktop app will be available on the mobile app.

We have tried to cater to many of the requests we have had come in through our forum over the years. Many of which we haven’t attended to through to lack of time. We sat down last week though and went through all of them, responded to all of them and worked out what version we could deliver them in. So here is a list of the most popular requests and ideas and when they will be delivered;

Version 1.3

(will be delivered this week)

  • automatic restart after break - allowing users to loop sessions
  • alterations to break length - selection now available from 1 to 30 minutes
  • UI tidy up - making it more user friendly
  • independent controls for ticking sound - to customise it for sessions and breaks
  • ability to make the timer the full width of your screen
  • it will always live in the system tray
  • the size of the window is memorised when restored from being minimised (bug)

Version 1.4

(dependent on the success of crowdfunding to secure resource)

  • more options for notification (visual and audio) at the end of a session and break
  • option to automate when the long break will happen
  • functionality to discount an interrupted pomodoro session
  • more customisation in the the sound effects and volume control
  • ability to reduce the size of the timer in a variety of ways and transparency option
  • twitter integration 
  • integration with operating system scripting i.e. AppleScript or Batch scripts


(dependent on the success of crowdfunding to secure resource)

  • iOS and Android versions are next on the list

Web app

(dependent on the success of crowdfunding to secure resource)

  • ability to plan and list goals and tasks and see which one you are focusing on in that pomodoro session
  • a daily log of activity

So if you like the sound of the updates please support our crowdfunding project so focus booster can be an even better app. Focus booster has been free for nearly 4 years and we want to keep it that way so please support us.

Note: The new web app with additional reporting and invoicing functionality will be paid for, but $2 a month isn’t much to be able to invoice directly from your every day time management tool with no fuss.
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Last Updated: 28 - Nov - 2013

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