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Published Date: 11 July 2013

It has been busy here at focus booster headquarters. We have been pushing ahead with the version 1.3 updates and think you will all find them very exciting. We have been busily trying to promote our crowdfunding page. It isn't going as well as we hoped but we are really excited about the updates and we hope it gets all the current focusbooster users on board.

So where are the v1.3 updates at.....

We are currently getting the new version of focus booster ready to send out to those who wanted to help beta test (if you would like to help please get in contact). The internal testing went very well with only one minor issue. All going well we are really hoping to have the updated version ready for everyone for the beginning of the next working week. You will be prompted to re-install the new verison so make sure you do! This time around you will be asked to uninstall the old version first but next time we will have ironed out these issues. 
So here is the final list of improvements 

  • option to set automatic restart after break - now you can get distrated from starting your next session
  • alterations to break length - you can now have a break of up to 30 mins in case you need to set aside time to deal with emails etc.
  • independent controls for ticking sound in session or break - ensure you aren't hyped up while you rest too by turning the ticking sound off in the break
  • ability to make the timer the full width of your screen - a request we had so it can sit at the top or bottom of the page as a very in your face cue to amp you up!
  • the size of the window is memorised when restored from being minimised - this was a bug
  • new break completion sound - no more barking dogs!
  • incomplete pomodoro sessions are no longer counted in the session count - we have updated the logic so it only shows the completed ones.
  • UI tidy up - buttons will be bigger, text will be clearer, it will be better!

We hope you really like the updates. Please support our crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to build focus booster for mobile, a do further upgrades to the desktop app (all of which will be free to the user).

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focus booster v1.3.2

Last Updated: 28 - Nov - 2013

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