instant, measurable productivity

focus booster is a digital pomodoro timer. Our desktop and live timers sync sessions to the web app. Never fill out a timesheet again. Visualize your progress through dashboards and export reports for timesheets and invoices. Time management has never been so simple...productivity is yours.

Get productive so you can spend more time with your family. Invest in their future, it will be worth it.


A simple solution to time pomodoro sessions and breaks, keeping you focused but fresh and the focus booster digital pomodoro timer is free. The Pomodoro Technique, simplified.


Create clients/projects to record your sessions against. Assign hourly rates. Focus booster HQ clients/projects makes time tracking and invoicing a breeze. Get organised!


Label every session you work on. Assign a client/project, add a label and you will have complete visibility of what you worked on that day. Filter by label in reports to analyse historical data.

Time tracking

Time tracking is effortless. Assign a project, add a label, complete your session and it will be automatically saved to your time sheets, ready for reporting. The Pomodoro Technique, simplified!


Reviewing completed sessions is easy. Focus booster HQ records all sessions assigned to a client/project so you can review completed work for a particular day or date range.


Instant statistics, simply displayed. Analyse your activity, see exactly where your time goes - most productive day, revenue earned, busiest clients/projects. Get productive!

So you are interested in focus booster...?
Here is how to get started;

  1. Sign-up to focus booster HQ for your free 15 day trial, no strings attached.
  2. Download the desktop timer, or you can use the live timer in focus booster HQ.
  3. Add your clients to focus booster HQ and start tracking your pomodoro sessions.
  4. Fall in love with focus booster HQ and subscribe so you can use it as a time tracking and management system all the time to improve your productivity.

Boost your focus with the ultimate pomodoro app.